Yes, Clearbrook allows the use of tobacco products on campus, with distinct guidelines in place.

All smoking must be done during designated times and in designated areas. Smoking is not permitted indoors or within 25 feet of any building entryways.

Furthermore, we do allow patients to bring and use smokeless tobacco, such as chewing tobacco and snus.

The same rules apply for these products and their usage on the Clearbrook campus. At no time are these products permitted to be used in doors, and must only be used in designated smoking areas, during designated times.

Smokeless / vapes are permitted as long as they’re non-refillable.

***All tobacco and/or nicotine products must be sealed and unopened when arriving at Clearbrook. Our staff will inspect all products before allowing the patient to have them during their stay. If these packages are open or have a non-commercial label on them, they may not be approved for use at Clearbrook. Such products will either be stored with the patient’s personal effects, sent home with family members, or discarded with patient’s verbal approval.***